Alright folks, the big race is TOMORROW at 6pm at the Tow Path trail head located on Wilbeth Road in Southwest Akron. 

Its address is 380 Wilbeth Rd.

Remember - games, prizes, and an after party! What more could you want?

See ya then!

In-Race Game - Pumpkin Finder

One of the things that makes a Flash 5k different from others are the in-race games.

For example, along the course will be hidden pumpkins. If you find one, it gets you one FREE drink at the after party!

How cool is that?!

Remember to sign up soon and invite your friends!

Flash 5k! Sounds great! What is it?

A Flash 5k is a sort of mash up between your standard 5k race and a flash mob.

You see, organizing a race is fun but there's one big hurdle - getting your local authorities to give you permission. A Flash 5k conveniently brushes that aside and says "Nah". However, safety is still a concern, so the race won't be held that crosses a highway or heavy traffic.

Also, there's usually something fun or interesting to do while you run. So even if you're a slow poke (like me) and know you'll never win the race, there's still fun stuff to do and prizes you can win for it.

And did I mention the after party? There's an after party at a watering hole that's nearby the race. What's a race without a victory party?

Since the race is a flash mob type event, the race location is kept a secret until about 24 hours before the race.

That's this race in a nutshell. If you think you'd like to do it, head on over to our Facebook event and sign up.

See ya there!